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Our program is not designed to make a person a better player – but rather make them a better athlete! It is important to note we firmly believe a training program should require a year round effort (train in and out of season). Strength and Conditioning are attributes that are easily diminished. Athletes need to train throughout the year to maintain their maximum level of performance. After all, it is most advantageous to have an athlete at there strongest and most conditioned during the season; not before or after it! In addition to Strength & Conditioning, our Speed, Agility, and Quickness workouts are very sport specific. When implementing a workout for a specific sport, we make sure it is high intensity, short-medium duration, movement specific (training in the specific planes of movement performed in that sport), competitive and goal oriented.

Next Level Sports Performance is dedicated to the development of athletic skills through functional training techniques. We utilize our equipment to create a unique and challenging environment. Our goal is to help athletes attain their ultimate athletic potential. Training programs focus on fast twitch muscle fibre training involving quick, explosive movements starting with an intense base regime. The training strategies implemented involve isolation movements and are designed to help capitalize on an athlete’s strengths while targeting areas in need of improvement. Training consists of full-body strength training, speed training, conditioning, and plyometric power training.

Training sessions are capped at 6 athletes per session. This allows us to focus on ensuring athletes are executing the exercises with proper form and technique. Using a small group training approach creates camaraderie and a competitive atmosphere. These athletes all want to be the biggest, fastest and strongest. Competition is good. Each session begins with a dynamic warm-up which focuses on Pre-Habilitation (injury prevention). Through constant individual effort and consistency in the training program an athlete’s confidence in his or her abilities builds and will help an athlete to become a better competitor. Our athletes dedicate themselves to the training regimes and motivate each other to push the limit and improve every time they step foot in the gym. We demand work ethic and intensity.

It is important to note that every athlete is different; genetic predispositions determine an athlete’s strength potential. Our intention is to aid each athlete to maximize his or her potential. Our athletes are compared to no one but themselves; each athlete can track his or her improvement throughout the course of the training programs.

Next Level Sports Performance offers Team Training packages for all sports, ages and experience levels! Our team of highly qualified Strength Coaches will design a comprehensive training program that is tailored to meet the specific needs of your athletes based on their sport, age, experience, skill level and training goals! Gain an edge on your competition and reduce the risk of injury, while building valuable team comradery! 

Team Training At NLSP

This program will focus on developing physical literacy. Young athletes will LEARN how to move properly by applying functional movement patterns within developmentally appropriate exercises to improve coordination, core strength, speed, balance and more! 


Athletes that fall into our Youth Committed to Excellence. While these young athletes still get treated the same as any other athlete at NLSP, we approach their programming with a different philosophy than our older athletes.


NLSP runs intensive on-ice camps that are designed for players motivated and goal oriented. The main focus is on the development of a player’s individual skills. Players learn to develop and enforce their stride, speed, puck handling, passing, and scoring skills. This is achieved through breaking down a skill to its individual components in order for a player to become more confident through constant progression. High-tempo drills encompassing puck handling, puck protection, fakes, shooting, passing, and many other game skills are applied to help give players an edge.

We run high intensity camps and weekly skates for Junior/University and Pro players weekly in the summer months This is by invitation only. Please contact us for information. All our camps are a maximum of 1:5 ratio with exemplary instructors.

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